Tricia Teen: Majestic Beauty

Country: HUNGARY
City: Budapest
Type: European
Age: 19
Height: 5.51
Weight: 123
Stats: 36/28.4/35
Bio: Tricia is a nineteen-year-old blonde beauty from Budapest Hungary. Tricia is a kind and caring person, which made her decide to pursue a career in nursing. But University is expensive and the lovely Tricia needed a way to pay for her studies. She started modeling nude for art students and found it thrilling to be naked in front of a crowd. Tricia expanded her repertoire to include wet t-shirt contests (which she won) and finally exotic dancing. Be sure to get a front row seat when this beauty takes the stage because she burns up the dance floor like no other! When Tricia isn’t dancing or studying for her boards, she enjoys going out to eat with friends and watching classic black and white movies in her pajamas with a bowl of popcorn.

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